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Sierra 6

Show House Interior Design – We are one of the most established and prominent Residential Show House Interior Design Company in Malaysia that comprehends the client’s taste and needs and give the precise awareness of timescale and budget.  On each and every project we collaborate with our clients and give them tailored and idiosyncratic solutions. Through our profound, innovative and highly advanced technology we create ingeniously creative ideas and prolific interior design solutions in Malaysia.

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As an interior design consultancy firm, we’ll always look to give you access to the best information, the finest ideas, and the most reliable staff.  With our team, we can then start putting in place a clear plan of action to help you renovate the kind of property that you were looking for.

Project Info

Client:  Sierra 6

Project Type: Show House Interior Design

Status: Completed


The Sales gallery & office has a glazed exterior, bringing ample natural light. Floors are mainly left open-plan to be better suited for collaborating and socialising.

Work stations design giving a modern feel and for better communication, collaboration and speed of work and for this reason the design suggest to tear down barriers and walls. The lounge white-and-black cabinet creating a cafe-like atmosphere. Much of the flooring is covered in pale wood, with feature walls in concrete offering an industrial touch.

Project Sustainability

  • 60% renewable resources
  • 25% Energy Self-Sufficient
  • 20% Less Construction Waste

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